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How to's

Braided (Sophisticated)

1. Wash and condition hair.
2. Allow to dry naturally if you have time.
3. Pull hair back into a long ponytail at nape of neck.
4. Divide a long strand wide enough for braiding from remainder of ponytail. Set aside.
5. Create a simple bun (a little above) nape of neck and secure with pins.
6. Braid the section set aside and secure with thin (same color as hair) ponytail holder.
7. Twist braided section around the bun and secure with pins to hold in place.
8. That's it. You are ready to put on your face.

Braided (Normal)

1. Wash and condition hair.
2. Apply smoothing lotion and dry hair with the aid of a curling brush dryer.
3. Create a center part and secure both sections of hair with ponytail holders until you begin to braid.
4. Remove ponytail holder from one length of hair and braid entire section. Secure with thin rubberized ponytail holder.
5. Remove ponytail holder from second length and braid this section, securing it with a thin rubberized ponytail holder.
6. Bring both braids up and over the head (level with the ears) and fasten in place using pins. Tuck the end sections under the other braid so that they are invisible.
7. You are done.

Braided (Baby Braids)

1. Wash and condition hair.
2. If time allows, dry hair naturally. If not, blow-dry to remove excess moisture.
3. Apply styling lotion to help hold the style and braids from frizzing.
4. Using round brush, continue drying so that the style hangs smooth and straight down the back.
5. Section off tiny sections near crown. You will want to two tiny braids to meet up at back of head.
6. Braid the sections until they meet at the back of head. Secure and braid other side. Now loosen
the hair from each of the braids (maintaining braided section) and divide into three sections.
7. Braid these sections so that you now have one braid continuing down the length of hair.
8. Secure with a tiny covered band that is the same color as your hair.

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