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How to's

How to create 13 looks from one updo

Here's How:

1. Pull hair up into a loose bun and secure with enough pins to hold in place. That is all there is to this updo. Now we start decorating.

2. Pull some sections loose from the side of the face and curl, using a small barreled curling iron.

3. Pull some sections loose from the side of the face and instead of curling, use a straight iron to make them long and silky.

4. Pull several sections (everything in front of your ears) and create long very loose ringlets. Loop one or two behind your ear and use tortoise shells combs to help secure them in place. More combs can be inserted around the bun.

5. Insert colorful intensions into your hair BEFORE you create the bun for a surprise burst of color.

6. Use long "diamond stuffed" barrettes on an angle an inch or so above the bun.

7. If you have bangs, curl them into fat curls that don't even touch your forehead. Spray to help hold them in place.

8. Insert three co-coordinating barrettes just behind each ear.

9. Insert colorful Japanese chopsticks into the bun. Depending on the chopsticks, this could be formal or playful.

10. The placement of the chopsticks or hair picks can also change the look of the style. Instead of randomly sticking them into the bun, place them in a half circle around the bun.

11. If you usually wear your bangs down, use a curling brush to change the direction. A little spray will help hold them in place.

12. Strategically place an long pick on a diagonal through a teased and then ruffled crown area. Molding wax will help hold the hair in place.

13. Insert tiny jeweled bobby pins randomly throughout your style.

14. I have one more idea for you... and it has to do with your jewelry. An updo pulls all of your hair away from your face. This is the perfect time to showcase an elaborate or interesting set of earrings. Make them your focal point.

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