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How To Decide Where To Place Your Highlights

Here's How:

"Permanent" highlights are a little tricky and professionals do know best, but there are lots of products that can be shampooed out quite easily, so grab yourself a kit and have fun. Here are some guidelines to follow.

1. For some of the highlighting methods listed below, it is important that you have your hair cut into layers. The highlights that begin below at cheekbone level are placed on lower layers of hair.

2. Reverse Triangle: You seldom hear about this face shape, but it is more common that you might realize. It means that you have a wide forehead and a narrow jaw line.

3. To compensate, place a few highlights at the crown where you want a little fullness, and then add more about cheekbone to the ends. A jaw length bob works well for this face shape.

4. Round Face: With a round face, your cheeks are usually wide and that is the area that you most want to draw attention away from.

5. Contionue... So your highlights need to start at the crown and stop around eye level. These highlights draw the attention up and away from your chipmunk cheeks.

6. Square Face: If you have a strong face, you most likely have a strong jaw line. Pepper a few highlights at the crown and then add more about eye level and continue to about the shoulders, attention to directed away from the jaw quite nicely.

7. Oval Face: Your highlights can go anywhere, lucky you.

8. Pear Shaped: Because you are trying to create bulk on the top area, starting your highlights at the roots and ending at cheekbone level, will work for you.

9. Oblong Face: Have you given this any thought? If you have a long face, you can create a little width to your style by weaving a few highlights at the roots and then adding more about mid-forehead and stopping around the cheekbones.

10. Continue... You should also consider bangs to shorten the look. These too can be highlighted to draw the eyes up.

11. Diamond Shaped Face: Avoid highlights in the cheekbone area. This is the widest part of your face.

12. Heart Shaped: Because of your wide forehead, concentrate the majority of your highlights from the temples down. This will draw attention away from the forehead while widening the lower part of the face.

13. Unusual Places... lift up 3/4 of your hair and pin out of the way. There are coloring products on the market that will add colorful streaks that will only last until you shampoo them out. Here is your chance to go for blues, pinks and reds.

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