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How to's

How to Elegantly tousle an updo

Here's How:

1. Wash and condition hair the day before you attempt this style. A little oil will work in your favor.

2. Whip the hair off the face into a loose twist on the top of your head. Pin in place.

3. With your fingertips, begin loosening the crown and the sides so that hair begins to escape.

4. The areas that have come loose are now going to be fixed back into place with the pins, but we are not looking for a style where the hair is smooth and the pins are hidden. See next step.

5. Take a small section of hair (that has escaped) twist it and then pin back into the style. Continue doing this all over the head.

6. Actually the more twisted sections you can create the more interesting the style.

7. Practice this technique until you find the perfect style for you. No two attempts will ever be the same. That's what makes this style so interesting.

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