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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy relaxes the body and mind to impart a sense of serenity and to help the body heal itself. Pamper your body and nourish your spirits by engaging in the wide variety of therapeutic effects and benefits of a massage.

Seated Massage 15 Minutes • $20
A fifteen minute seated massage to "get all the kinks out" of your back, neck and shoulders. This is perfect for when you have just a few moments to relax. The massage is done fully clothed in our specialty chair. 15 minutes
Deep Tissue Sports Massage 60 Minutes / 90 Minutes • $85 / $105
Deep penetrating massage perfect for those tired and overworked areas. This therapy treats areas subject to chronic discomfort resulting from stress and overuse.
Neck and Back Massage 30 Minutes • $55
Relieves the stress and tension that stores up in your back, neck and shoulder regions. This therapy utilizes a blend of light strokes, pressures and rhythmic movements to improve circulation and soothe tired muscles.
Aromatherapy Massage 60 Minutes / 90 Minutes • $80 / $100
Restores harmony and balance through organic aromas and pressure points. This treatment detoxifies, invigorates and strengthens your inner spirits as well as your well being.
Therapeutic Massage 60 Minutes / 90 Minutes • $75 / $95
Recommended for muscle fatigue and tension. In this system, we use long strokes and kneading techniques on the more superficial layers of the muscle. Combined with active and passive movements of the joints this full body session promotes relaxation, improves circulation, relieves muscle tension and stress.
Hot Stone Massage 60 Minutes • $100
This luxurious exotic massage uses smooth polished lava stones which are heated and incorporated into the massage. The combination allows the muscle to warm and "let go."
Reflexology 60 Minutes • $75
A pressure point massage that helps stimulate health and relaxation through your feet.
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